Michael Andrew Law – Contemporary Artist

Michael Andrew Law (Law Cheuk Yui), a Hong Kong contemporary artist, 35, studied with top artists and had a career as a commercial artist, including designing many cover spreads for Hong Kong press and working as a comic artist, illustrator, and film producer.

He then left commercial work to focus on his fine art practice and founded his own gallery in Central District, Hong Kong. His work has been shown at top venues, including the Hong Kong Central Library and The Avenue of Stars.

His work has received wide attention, with three dozen popular artist books having been published that present his work. He has written essays on contemporary art and films, and also teaches workshops on classical and contemporary art for schools, organizations, and corporations.

His first completed painting in the group of paintings that have been donated was a birthday gift to his mother, PhD student Janet Ho, who had encouraged him to resume the regular practice of the Transcendental Meditation technique during a difficult time in his life.

After becoming regular in his practice again, he experienced profound changes within himself and decided to help others have the same experience by donating to Maharishi University of Management and the David Lynch Foundation.

Prints of the birthday gift to his mother (the portrait as shown above) are welcomed to be purchased to support the Cutie Showroom.

image size 12 x 16 (finished size with border 16 x 20) $40.00
image size 16 x 20 (finished size with border 20 x 24) $70.00

To make an order of the prints, please fill in the form below.


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